Innovation thanks to experience

More than 45 years of experience in compounding, extrusion and recycling of plastics. From PP to PVC.

RAFF Plastics has been a specialist in plastics since 1976. Over the years, we have grown internationally to become an established name in compounding, extrusion and recycling. Both as a processor and as a supplier of all types of recycled plastic. Our daily operations focus on customer satisfaction, flexible communication and engagement with our stakeholders and partnerships.

RAFF Plastics is a supplier for injection moulding companies and a partner for the plastics sector. From our modern facilities in Houthulst, West Flanders, we supply 70,000 tonnes of regrind, granules and agglomerates every year. Our production runs non-stop, 24 hours a day. Consistent quality and flexibility in development are among our greatest assets.

Building on the experience, expertise and quality inherent at RAFF Plastics, a new generation has been at the helm since 2012. With customisation and specific solutions, Caroline Van der Perre and Christophe Dehouck respond to new opportunities and changes in the market. Just like the recycled plastics, RAFF Plastics remains ready for the future.